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What is the most important difference between acrylic and tempera paint? Does it really matter which paint you use? We will first look at the quality of both paints, then we'll decide which one is best for us.   Acrylic Paint ·          Acrylic paint is versatile and can be mixed well. ·          Acrylic paints can be used for a lifetime, so avoid causing damage to surfaces. ·          Acrylic paint is opaque. ·          Acrylic paints are lightfast. Acrylic paints will not alter the finish of your painted surface. It will be exactly the same as when you first painted it. ·          It can dry glossy to semi-glossy. ·          Acrylic paint is thickly stable. ·          Acrylic paint can dry to a stiff texture, and can be used to create more on paper or fabric.   Tempera Paint ·          Tempera paint looks great and mixes well. ·          Regular tempera is not permanent, but it can be easily washed. Therefore, you should c